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Stampit Robotai & Solutions Pvt. Ltd, an ISO 9001:2015 company,is the first Indian manufacturer of dot peen marking machines indigenously. Under its brand MarknStamp, the company manufactures diverse CNC marking machines offering solutions for permanent direct part marking on metal & non-metal components and tags. The machines and solutions mainly cater to the traceability requirements of the Automotive and Auto-Ancillary, Engineering, Medical Devices, Defense, Oil and Natural Gas Valves and Fittings as well as the Aeronautical industry. Wherever there is a requirement of consistent marking & tracking with machines, MarknStamp provides the most precise solution.

  • Better ability to innovate and enhance product features, greater adaptability to latest technologies and trends keeps the organisation abreast and ahead in the fast-moving competitive market with regular introduction of new products.

  • In-house R&D for design & development of mechanical, electronics & software aspects gives an edge to introduce market-responsive and innovative products.

About 5 decades ago, Stampit Robotai & Solutions Pvt. Ltd commenced with a humble presence in the market through its parent company M/s Swami Samarth Consultants providing high-technology automation solutions to various companies in and around Mumbai.By 2000, the company started providing turnkey marking solutions to various clients.The founder owners of the organization were convinced that indigenous R & D was integral to leapfrog into becoming a highly valued organization in the dot peen and marking industry and have continuously built upon its capabilities to introduce a cohesive product range.

Sequential launch of iconic products

  • 2003: The first Indian PC based pin marking machine at less than half the price of an equivalent European machine.
  • 2013: A new class of Hybrid Marking Machines based on Ethernet port combining advantages of PC with standalone technologies.
  • 2015: Introduced the Seven Stamp Controller in blue and white branding with features for integration.
  • 2017: Launched a Battery-Operated Wifi Based Portable Marking Machine.
  • 2019: A new range of tabletop MNS Marking Machines withIntegrated Controller & Marking Head together into a single unit.
  • 2019: Marking head with Orange and white branding and with a lot of new features.
  • 2019: The Simple Marker was introduced marking an entry of the most affordable marking machine in table-top product range.


  • Portable Machines: MNSB – 53 BATTERY Operated Handheld Machine | MNSB – 155 | Portable Pneumatic Marking Machine | Deep Marking Pneumatic Machine
  • Table Top Machines: Simple Marker | MNS- HTC Desktop Peen Marking Machine | MNS – TC Touch Screen Machine | MNS - PC Computer Based Machine
  • Integration Machines: Touch Screen Controller | SIA – 53 Marking Head | SIA – 1210 Marking Head | SIA – 1616 Marking Head | A4 Marking Head | A3 Marking Head
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